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Rockhill Trolley "Terror Trolley"

Rockhill Trolley "Terror Trolley"

Fri. October 27, 2017 6:30 pm - Fri. October 27, 2017 10:00 pm

 Come to The Rockhill "Terror Trolley" take a ride down a dark and changing railroad into the past, the wrecked trolley cars built during the roaring 20's will magically re-appear each year around Halloween with their passengers, missing since the mysterious wreck in the 40's duirng the World War. The tours  will be held October 13th,14th, 20th,21st,27th and 28th. 630pm-10pm

For more information call 814-447-9576 or visit 

Event Location: 430 Meadow Street, PO Box 203 Rockhill Furnace 17249

Phone: 814-447-9576

Contact URL:

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