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Flagpole Hill Trail System - Huntingdon Borough


Flagpole Hill Trail System - Huntingdon Borough
Flagpole Hill
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Flagpole Hill Trail System - Huntingdon Borough

Nine well-maintained trails interconnected, each up to 1 mile in length. Accessible from 5th Street or from Peace Chapel Road, located just off of Warm Springs Avenue in Huntingdon.

Flag Pole Hill Trails

Borough of Huntingdon
1. No motorized vehicles of any type are permitted on the trails.
2. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
3. No littering. Carry out what is taken to the trails.
4. No cutting, picking or removing of trees, shrubs, vines, flowering plants or any other vegetation.
5. Pets should be under control at all times. Animal dropping shall be removed and disposed of properly by the pet owners.
6. Camping and open fires are not permitted throughout the trail system.
7. Bow hunting is permitted in season. All Pennsylvania State Game Laws apply to the trail system.
8. The discharge of any firearm, air rifle or pistol, slingshot or explosive is prohibited.
9. Pedestrians have the right of way.
10. The parking of vehicles is permitted at the Fifth Street parking lot and the Peace Chapel parking lot from dawn to dusk. Overnight parking is not permitted. Loitering at any time is prohibited.
11. Any organized or unorganized instruction, exhibition, competition, demonstration, or special camping events require written application and approval from the Borough of Huntingdon before such an event may be conducted.

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