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Raystown Lake Recreation Area


Raystown Lake Recreation Area
6993 Seven Points Road, Suite 1
(814) 658-3405

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Raystown Lake Recreation Area

Many refer to Raystown Lake as the crown jewel of Pennsylvania. Our jewel is the largest lake within the state with it’s 118 miles of shoreline, 8,300 acres of clean, clear water and 30 miles (as a bald eagle flies) of lake, there is lots of room to enjoy all kinds of water activity.

What most people like about the lake is that except for just a few miles that are developed, nature’s beauty is the backdrop while you are enjoying the lake. The US Army Corp of Engineers (814-658-3405) manage the lake they operate campgrounds in the Seven Points Recreation Area, Nancy’s Camp and Susquehannock.

Eight launch ramps are available for boaters, the lake has no size or horsepower restrictions, and personal watercrafts are welcome.

Picnic Pavilions are available for rent and weekend events are provided at the Seven Points Amphitheater.

Hiking trails have been developed in 4 areas of the facility.

The two developed areas include Lake Raystown Resort and Lodge, (814-658-3500) which offers a marina, lodge, campgrounds, cabins, water park, restaurant and the Proud Mary Tour Boat. Seven Points Marina (814-658-3074) provides houseboat rentals, marina, restaurant and the Princess Tour Boat.

Shallow water is really not an issue for general running on the lake, the average depth is 80 feet, and some have graphed depths upwards of 200 feet. Although some structures do exist, the rumor that a town was flooded is just that, a story.

For swimmers, skiers, and personal watercraft users, wet suits are common until the end of May, beginning of June. In July and August surface temps are 75-80 degrees. Please "Think Five and Stay Alive" with regards to water safety at Raystown Lake.