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Map of the Raystown Lake Region


Map of the Raystown Lake Region
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Map of the Raystown Lake Region

The Areas of the Raystown Lake Region

The Spruce Creek Area is world renown for its fly-fishing. Celebrities, professional fishermen, and even Presidents of the United States are frequenters of the Spruce Creek Area.
In addition to world-class outdoors, the Spruce Creek Area is ideally situated to be a base camp for all of your Alleghenies Adventures. Whether you want to roar with the crowd at a Penn State Nittany Lion athletic event, explore the railroad heritage of the Altoona area, or hike in Rothrock State Forest, The Spruce Creek area is the place to stay during your Raycation!

The Stone Valley Area is the wilderness of the Alleghenies at its best. Anchored by three State Parks, Rothrock State Forest, and Penn State's Shaver's Creek Environmental Center, the Stone Valley Area is the perfect place for the outdoor enthusiast.
The fly-fishing on Standing Stone Creek and Shaver's Creek is excellent. The hiking in the state parks and forests is first-rate. The views are spectacular, the area is steeped in the history of "the original frontier," and there are dozens of cool places to shop and eat.
Stone Valley Area's location is perhaps the best feature of all. The area is half-way between State College and Raystown Lake, about thirty minutes to either one!

The Huntingdon Area and the Route 22 corridor are the commercial centers of the Raystown Lake Region. Shopping, entertainment, restaurants, and services abound in the Huntingdon Area.
Huntingdon itself is one of the oldest continually inhabited settlements in Pennsylvania, having been called "Standing Stone" by Native Americans long before European settlers moved in.
If you plan to start your Raycation by rail, AmTrak can drop you off at the Huntingdon Station on The Pennsylvanian line.
The Huntingdon Area is where the Juniata River is formed as the Little Juniata, Frankstown Branch, Raystown Branch and Standing Stone Creek all converge within ten miles of each other. These waterways provide for some excellent paddling and fishing.

The Northern Lake Area is a great location to have the best of Raystown Lake access while being close to Huntingdon and all of its amenities.
Containing Seven Points Recreation Area, the largest of the three developed areas of Raystown Lake's shoreline, the Northern Lake Area is a great hub for adventures both on and off the water.
The Northern Lake Area is also home to the Raystown Lake Dam and the Ridenour Overlook which has been rated as one of the "100 Best Scenic Views in America" by ReserveAmerica's Camping Club.

The Southern Lake Area is the only place where you can stay in a cabin on the lake shore!
Your Southern Lake Area Raycation can include activities on the water, land, and even in the air!
Containing 16 of Raystown Lake's 30 miles of navigable channel, two beaches, a marina and six boat launches, the Southern Lake Area is a fantastic place for freshwater fishing, water-skiing, swimming, kayaking, and lots of other great water activities. There are even water slides!
Trough Creek State Park is truly a gem for hikers and horseback riders. Hike to Balanced Rock for a scenic overlook that should not be missed.
If you choose to fly to the Raystown Lake Region, the Altoona-Blair County Airport is the closest commuter strip. You can also book a spectacular helicopter tour of The Alleghenies from the Southern Lake Area.
Saxton is a quaint little town where you can pick-up anything you forgot to bring with you, or stop in for a great meal.

The East Broad Top Area is where the history of coal mining and railroading come to life.
Visitors to the East Broad Top Area can learn about the history of bituminous coal mining, ride an authentic narrow-gauge railroad pulled by an original steam locomotive, or take an electric trolley ride.
The East Broad Top Area is easily accessible from the Pennsylvania Turnpike at Fort Littleton, and is dotted with charming small town businesses ready to welcome guests for a meal, unique shopping and lodging.

The Mount Union Area is home to a rich natural resource and industrial heritage.
From the Amish and Mennonite farm communities of Big Valley near Allensville, to the historic industrial towns of Mount Union, Mapleton and Shirleysburg, the Mount Union Area provides an eclectic mix of cultures and landscapes.
Aside from scenic drives, the Mount Union Area can perhaps be best experienced on foot or afloat. The Standing Stone Trail follows the Ridge of Jack's Mountain into the trail town of Mapleton, and then follows a path called The Thousand Steps. The Thousand Steps were built by quarrymen in the 1800s as a way to climb Jack's Mountain from Mount Union and Mapleton to work in the sandstone quarries on top of the ridge.
Floating the Juniata River is another great way to experience the Mount Union Area. Put-in your canoe, kayak, or inner-tube at Mapleton and gently float through Jacks Narrows to Mount Union, or beyond.

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