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The Art of Shopping

By Claudia Montero Pequignot

Are you born to shop? Do you like to shop ‘til you drop? Then what’s in store in the Lake Raystown Region will not disappoint– big box store, department store, dollar store, general store, convenience store, online shopping, home shopping, window shopping, shopping mall, shopping center, town square, gift shop, craft shop, antique shop, bazaar, flea market, artisan trail. Artisan Trail?

An artisan trail will redefine your shopping experience. Imagine, if you will, the opportunity to connect with the triumphant heritage of the region, the jubilant nature of your soul, and the call of the open road. Featuring a variety of forums including signature galleries, artists’ studios, art centers and museums, an artisan trail elevates your shopping experience to an art form by exposing you to the creative culture of Pennsylvania.

If you have the absolutely fabulous shopping fervor of Eddy and Patsy or the design sense of Charlotte York-Goldenblatt; if you appreciate the hand-made or take delight in the one-of-a-kind, and you want to get your motor running and head out on the highway, then shopping an artisan trial is for you. Pennsylvania’s artisan trails combine shopping and road trips into a unique experience. Highlighting fine arts and craftsmanship across the state, artisan trails are open for business.

The history, heritage, and quaint hamlets of The Alleghenies serve not only as home to a plethora of talented artists, but also as their inspiration. Artisan trails weave Pennsylvania’s cultural fabric. They lead to authentic Americana found throughout the state.  A series of nine distinct corridors celebrate the Commonwealth’s rich cultural legacies by featuring the works of regional and local artisans. Each corridor is dotted with unique retail opportunities.  Touching upon the Raystown Region are heART of the Alleghenies Route 22 Artisan Trail and Route 45: Art Thrives on 45.

Anchored in Huntingdon, heART of the Alleghenies is a driving route of approximately 90 miles that winds westward through a myriad of charming rural communities once part of the historic Pennsylvania Main Line Canal. Today, these communities remain connected by scenic vistas and rolling countryside along Route 22 and a rich cultural legacy.

A 100-mile stretch from the village of Water Street in the west to Mooresburg in the east, Art Thrives on 45. The Route 45 corridor is home to a wealth of artists working in a variety of media. The beautiful countryside inspires both contemporary and traditional styles. 

Traveling an artisan trail you will find the opportunity to witness artisans at work in craft barns or in studios. And if you’d like, you even create your own masterpiece; one of Pennsylvania’s artisan trails boasts the most comprehensive interactive community arts center in the country. You’ll discover the works of painters, illustrators, textile artists, potters, woodworkers, jewelers, luthiers, photographers, glass artists, and sculptors, and new shopping venues to boot!

Shopping is considered a recreational activity by many. Some are known to have a black belt in shopping. For others, it’s not shopping – it’s retail therapy.  For Carson Kressley shopping is his cardio; for Simone de Beauvoir, it is a profound pleasure. Shopping… it’s a good thing.

Whatever your agenda, come, see, and do a little shopping. You’ll be sure to hit the mother lode

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