The regulations in communications with Huntingdon County Visitors Bureau via social media platforms.

Huntingdon County Visitors Bureau embraces the use of social media and acknowledges the rights individuals have to participate in such communications. HCVB’s goal through social media outlets is to increase visitation to and within the Raystown Lake Region by posting and sharing photos, videos, events and more. 

Within the best interest of HCVB, regulations have been set regarding the use of social media platforms that directly impact the bureau’s productions through such outlets, and HCVB reserves the right to remove any interactions that violate its social media policy. 

Usage by HCVB team members 

Employees with access to HCVB social media platforms will work to ensure that content created and shared is done so in a professional and appropriate manner. They will make every effort to view comments and respond to questions, but remind those who need an immediate response to contact the bureau by phone at 888-Raystown or via during business hours. HCVB cannot guarantee a response via social media.   

Expectations of users

By engaging on HCVB’s social media platforms, you have agreed to the following: 

  1. To be respectful in interactions of content created by HCVB and in interactions of other users with HCVB 

  2. To be completely lawful in your interactions

  3. To refrain from the use of profanity and vulgar or discriminatory language  

Violations of the social media policy

In the event of a violation of the social media policy, HCVB reserves the right to edit or delete content at any time. The bureau also reserves the right to edit any verifiably false information on HCVB platforms. 

HCVB enjoys collaboration with the public through social media platforms. To reach the goal HCVB has set, the implementation of the social media policy above will be enforced. On behalf of HCVB, thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 

Huntingdon County Visitors Bureau