Scenic Overlooks

With 118 miles of shoreline, Raystown Lake is surrounded by breathtaking panoramic vistas. Whether you're a dedicated hiker, a photography buff, or just someone who loves nature's beauty, the overlooks around Raystown Lake provide exceptional chances to soak in the tranquil and magnificent landscape.

Raystown Dam Overlook

The impressive control center for the lake’s water supply can be seen at the Raystown Dam Overlook. Dedicated by Gerald R. Ford, Vice President of the United States in 1974,  this spot showcases the two-bay gated spillway with two gates spanning 45 feet wide and 45 feet high. From here you can see the William F. Matson Generating Station - a hydroelectric power plant that provides electricity to thousands within the Raystown Lake Region. This spot on the Juniata River is a popular fishing location and nesting area for bald eagles. Continuing your drive two more minutes up the road takes you to the opposite side of the dam and the Dam Pagoda Overlook. 

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Raystown Dam and Spillway
Dam Pagoda Overlook
Dam Pagoda Overlook

The pagoda located here was dedicated to James Weaver, a resident engineer for the Raystown Lake Project who oversaw the construction of the dam from start to finish. Visitors can walk the entire way around the perimeter of the parking lot and overlook to enjoy different scenery, some including the dam and others with trees on the shoreline opposite of where they are standing. This location is great for a lunch picnic with an incredible view, including protection from the sun. Dam Pagoda Overlook is the only lookout point at Raystown Lake that offers exterior shelter from the rain, making it still possible to see the lake’s beauty even when the weather is not ideal. 

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Ridenour Overlook

Ridenour Overlook provides a unique view of the 225-foot-high dam and the Juniata River Valley beyond. Just a short seven-minute drive from the Raystown Dam, this overlook is easily accessible from the adjacent parking area, and nearby benches provide the perfect spot to enjoy the view.
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Ridenour Overlook
Hawn's Overlook
Hawn's Overlook

If you are up for a short walk, accessible from the same parking lot as Ridenour Overlook is the magnificent Hawn’s Overlook. From here you can witness the various water recreation activities Raystown Lake has to offer. Even though this lookout point is the smallest, it provides some of the most expansive views of the lake. This lookout is a must see in autumn to observe the Pennsylvania fall foliage.

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Raystown Lake Visitor Center Deck

Looking to see more action happening? The Raystown Lake Visitors Center deck gives an incredible view of the boat docks at Seven Points Marina. Stand and watch boats pull in and out of the dock during peak busy season from above. Within the visitor center, explore the free resources that explain all there is to see and do in the Raystown Lake Region. Don't forget to grab a copy of the Raystown Moments Visitors Guide and learn more about the history of the lake by exploring the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Exhibition Area. Don’t miss a visit to the Raystown Reflections Gift Shoppe while here! 

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Raystown Lake Region Visitor Center View
Seven Points Beach from Patio Overlook
Seven Points Beach Patio

Bring the kids for sights and fun. Enjoy Seven Points Beach, one of two designated public swimming areas at Raystown Lake. Located on the hill at the store patio area, consider ordering some delicious food from Lighthouse Concessions. While at the top, take in the many sights available from this one spot. Enjoy watching families below make memories, the boats speed past and the calm of the trees across.

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Coffee Run Overlook

Coffee Run Overlook makes seeing the beauty of Raystown Lake easy for everyone. The parking lot lines the edge, offering the possibility of seeing it all out the windshield of your car! The second viewpoint in this area is found at the top of a small asphalt walkway. Standing behind the rock wall facing the water, this small clearing nestled in the trees gives a shady spot to take it all in. Only a 30-second drive takes you to another lookout point, the Entriken Bridge. 

Directions to Coffee Run Overlook

coffee run overlook
Entriken Bridge lookout
Entriken Bridge

If you found lodging at Lake Raystown Resort, you have more than likely been inches away from this lookout without even realizing it. This lookout is located right before the Entriken Bridge going toward the resort. From here you can watch boats pass from one side of the bridge to the other. You may even scope out your next place to stay as you can see the resort’s small cottages on the water's edge from here. 

Directions to Entriken Bridge Overlook