Winter Fireplace Getaways

Enjoy A Magical Winter Stay In The Raystown Lake Region!

When you book a stay at one of our participating lodging facilities from January-March for a group of 4-20 people, you will receive a Winter Fireplace Getaway Experience at no additional charge.

Our Winter Fireplace Getaways include breathtaking winter views, luxury lodging with a warm fireplace, and a fun time learning something new with our Getaway Experience with family or friends. Our Getaway experiences include a coffee cupping, cake decorating, paint class, kind yoga, and venturing experiences. Explore below a variety of lodging facilities to choose from and a getaway experience that peaks your interest!

I Want In! How Does It Work?

Your Winter Fireplace Getaway is provided to you at no cost as part of your stay at one of our participating lodges here in the Raystown Lake Region. We're excited to offer these unique, customized experiences for you and your group. 

Step 1: Choose which experience you'd like to try. 

Step 2: Choose the participating lodge where you'd like your group to stay. 

Step 3: Reach out to your lodge of choice to book your stay for January, February or March. (Be sure to mention your preferred experience.)

Step 4: Arrive at your lodge and enjoy a unique, memorable experience. 

Step 1: Pick An Experience 

First, pick your getaway experience that is included with your trip at no extra charge. Explore our variety of getaway experiences below and see which peaks your interest! 

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Step 2: Explore Our Lodging Facilities

Once you've narrowed down which experience you'd like to try, simply choose a lodge and book your stay. Our amazing lodge owners will take care of the rest for you!

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