Cyrus Simmons

Foil Pack Cooking: Quick & Easy Campfire Recipes

When it comes to campfire cooking, most people associate that with grilling or cast iron. These can be hard or costly, especially if you don’t know how to or own the equipment to do so. There is, however, a simpler and cheaper option to campfire cooking: foil pack meals. Foil packs are exactly…

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2024 July 4th Celebrations

The Raystown Lake Region is always a hotspot for those looking to celebrate the Fourth of July. There’s no need to worry about finding where all the fun is because we’ve got it all sorted for you. Check out a sample of what is going on around the region below or visit our Calendar of Events to see…

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Raystown Lake's 50 years of Growth

The Raystown Lake you have come to know and love was not built in a day. Rather, it has been changing and evolving since its completion 50 years ago. The area has seen plenty of growth from its opening as just a dam to its current state with hydroelectric facilities, 11 boat launches, 14 playgrounds…

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